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Jolene Redvale

Food Educator & Certified Nutrition Consultant

Lucky me – I love vegetables! But many people don’t. After talking to lots of people and making many observations, I have learned that often people don’t like a certain vegetable because they never had it cooked well. Or, people think all the cleaning and peeling and chopping is just too much work.

In 2012 I had the idea to offer a veggie cooking demo/tasting workshop at a yoga retreat in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains. More than 20 people attended, and without exception, THEY LOVED IT! Everyone there discovered something new, and made friends with a veggie they previously disliked. And guess what – they learned that preparing veggies isn’t all that hard.


Since then more than 100 people have attended my veggie prep and demo workshops, and the reactions continue to surprise me. Most people WANT to learn to like and prepare vegetables. This site was born from that desire. If you learn to fix and enjoy just one type of vegetable, then your health and well being will be the better for it!


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