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Public Events

Open Demonstration at Wilshire's Apple Shed in Oak Glen on November 4 2017

Come join the fun as we combine forces to bring you gourmet ideas in a vintage setting in historic Oak Glen. I'll be cooking up farm-fresh veggies, chef Jerry will share his yummy mustard rubs, and help will be on hand to share the secrets (and tasting!) of the Los Rios new line of hard ciders. Join the fun 1:00-3:00, or as long as everyone is still having fun!  11925 Oak Glen Road, Oak Glen CA

"I look forward to meeting people at community events. Everyone shares great ideas for eating veggies and pursuing healthy lifestyles. It's fun when I hear people talk about how they prepared their veggies for supper last night. I often go home and try new ideas myself!

"Find my booth, browse my cookbook, take a flyer for an upcoming event. Most of all, share your favorite ways to fix veggies. I'm always open to learning about how other people approach things. Some ideas even end up in my publications!" - Jolene Redvale

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