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Mashed Squash and Potatoes

I was taking an inventory of the contents of my freezer yesterday. Being a hard-core squash lover, I wasn’t surprised to find at least 12 containers of cooked squash from past seasons. I remembered there was a single potato lurking in the pantry, so I put 1 and 1 together in preparation of a photo shoot for the upcoming second edition of my squash cookbook, A Patch of Flavor.

Adding smashed or pureed squash to your mashed potatoes lowers the carb weight while adding a nutritional boost. And, talk about easy!

Simply mix mashed potatoes with smashed or pureed squash. The ratio is up to you, but here are two tips. No matter how much potato you have, the squash will turn your dish light to dark orange, so don’t be surprised. Also, go easy with the butter and milk until you taste the mixture. The squash carries some lingering water and adds a lot of body to the potatoes, so you may not need as much butter to make the resulting dish satisfying.

Go ahead with the smash-up!! Then tell me what you think!



Give yourself permission to experiment. Very little can go wrong with veggies, as long as they are not overcooked. And if that happens, mash 'em up, add a bit of butter, and consider yourself ingenious.


Use frozen and pre-cut veggies to ease your schedule. These choices can help make meal prep a breeze, and on the whole offer equal nutrition to their fresh brethren.



There is no need for a time-consuming, multi-step method for preparing veggies. Steaming, braising, and seasoning are easy techniques that yield tasty results.

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