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Sweet and Tart, Smooth and Textured, Delicious All Around

I had some strawberries and papaya on hand today, so I decided to toss together a little fruit salad with the last of a box of grape tomatoes. I chopped equal parts papaya, strawbs and tomatoes, then simply drizzled on a bit of lime juice. The blend of flavors was incredible - sweet and tart, smooth and textured, delicious all around. Try it with Meyer lemon juice if you like. If the fruits are very ripe, you won't be tempted to sprinkle on any sugar



Give yourself permission to experiment. Very little can go wrong with veggies, as long as they are not overcooked. And if that happens, mash 'em up, add a bit of butter, and consider yourself ingenious.


Use frozen and pre-cut veggies to ease your schedule. These choices can help make meal prep a breeze, and on the whole offer equal nutrition to their fresh brethren.



There is no need for a time-consuming, multi-step method for preparing veggies. Steaming, braising, and seasoning are easy techniques that yield tasty results.

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